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Welcome to Created by Clint

Finding The Real You…

Change, it’s one of the words I felt I had embraced, embodied and emulated in everything I did. I was that person who loved change, moving to a new house was especially my forte. As a child I moved no less then 20 times, as the eldest son of parents who were gypsies in another life I was born with the ability to ‘change’ without blinking. When other people dreaded that entire process of packing up, cleaning, moving and setting it all up again, I LOVED IT! In today’s terms, it was like constantly being on a series of, The Block buying and renovating another house and setting it up in record time was my families super power. It also was where I cultivated a long-term love of styling. A room, a bed, a table, outdoor spaces, even the Christmas tree… You name it, I threw a cushion on it!

Then there was the topic of friends, I love meeting new people and making new friends. Since moving from Perth to Melbourne 10 years ago I have worked in 6 different roles and relished meeting new people in every single one of them. A new person to have lunch with, a new group to have Friday night drinks with and more friends to add on Facebook. I was ‘that’ guy who just moving through life and accepting the changes as they were thrown at me like a new style, every season.

Then something happened, I decided to leave my job somewhat a dream job in entertainment and ‘change’ over to running my own business, a styling business known the less. I mean all of those great Linked In articles about ‘Working for Yourself’ and those ideas of ‘Work Life Balance’ that seemed so elusive, where all in my grasp. I was set, we sold our investment property, invested in my business and I was sleeping in until 8am… 9am most days and enjoying an extended summer whilst redecorating our inner-city terrace and shopping up a storm to suit my new life. All in the name of my new ‘Styling and Design’ business, a business that was going to be born out of my new found life balance and endless time.

Then it hit me, I needed to change…

Not just the moving to a new house style of change, or the new job and notching up more Facey friend’s kind of change, but the type where everything inside you needs to take charge and become the superhuman version of you. Simply put, I just wasn’t ready to change… I was ready to leave my job, change my working hours and have more time for styling my house and my boyfriend’s average wardrobe. But the idea of starting a business (which I felt I would relish in) didn’t come as easy or the change of mindset, happen so quickly. Instead I have spent 9 months (my goodness we could have had a baby in that time) bumbling my way through this maze of business names, website designers, photographers, florists and creative spaces to find my way.

Sometimes the change we think we are ready for, isn’t the change we are prepared to go through. Starting your own business is one of the biggest changes I have ever undertaken, focusing on the right things is definitely the hardest and creating our vision is the most important. In 2017, Created By Clint was born, a company all about bringing alive the creative style, dreams and outlandish events that are sitting and waiting to come out of me. It’s a journey I thought would have had a very different (direct) road map, but like finding buried treasure it’s not so much the end elusive goal, but the journey of discovering so much about yourself along the way that makes the map so intriguing. Welcome to ‘Created By Clint’ it’s not a business it’s a lifestyle, my lifestyle and it’s a journey that’s going to be one big adventure and one I want you to join me on it.

Let's create something special together