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Goldilocks and the Three Stylists

When it comes to styling up the country cottage for The Three Bears, there is more than the usual ‘weekender’ style to consider. This summer Mumma Bear loves to bring a country retreat feel to the house; with a neutral base of soft creams & whites to set the scene and the accent tones of bright yellow & warm browns to finish off the look. When setting the table, simple is always the best option, Mumma Bear uses natural fibres like hessian, to ground the look and create depth. Always fill the centre of the table with relaxed cascading bouquets of yellow and white blooms, these will fill the room with summer’s best fragrant scents. And don't forget Puppa Bear’s recommendation... local, fresh honey is always a must.

‘Some styling is too hot, some styling is too cold! But this styling is just right…’

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What we love about this season…

  • Daffodils & yellow roses bring in the crisp summer tones
  • Mixing gingham & hessian textiles to create great table linen combinations
  • Wooden log place settings bring the rustic charm
  • Mason jars and coloured straws add the party feel to any event.
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