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The Wizards of Style

The Emerald City is a place of magic, splendor and above all, powerful wizards. So when styling up a table fit for the enchanted, it's all about outdoing yourself and creating something mystifying. Emerald green sequined table linen was the only choice as the base for this look. Autumn demanded glittered gold show plates, whilst matte black dinner plates ground the look. Various sized medicine bottles hold the menus and are the table’s support act. Subtle florals are the key to making this look effortless... no need to over do it, because the smoking green elixir filled test tube bottles that are the hero of this table. A click of the heels, and you’ll wish you were no where near home.

A pinch of passion, a spoon full of style and a handful of magical thinking

The Wizards of Oz Mad

What we love about this season…

  • Recycled medicine bottles make for incredible menu holders
  • Large test tubes filled with coloured water create the perfect potion
  • In season dahlias create an opulent effect whilst softening the table
  • Tight woven sequined table linen is the ‘magical’ base to this look
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Blown In for Lunch

As we set down the Yellow Brick Road on our way to the Emerald City, first we have a lunch date with some special friends. Set in the traditional Kansas corn field, this off road delight offers the best of a local look, with a country garden feel. Natural timbers make the base of this look, whilst rustic hessian creates depth as a table runner. Gold show plates are accented with polka dot dinner plates, whilst emerald napkins compliment the look. However it's a sea of colourful ranunculus, daisies, gerberas' and roses that are the real hero of this table as they set the scene for an incredible event. Now we’re off to see the wizards…

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